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A cordial invitation to our website where one can find detailed pieces of information concerning the activity of the Commune Culture Centre in Mogilany. We hope that this virtual visit will encourage many of You to a regular visit at our hospitable venue.


The activity of the Commune Culture Centre in Mogilany


At present in our Centre we are conducting 10 workshops where everybody can find something for themselves, discover unknown talents or deepen the existing interests. It is the right place to develop acting skills, artistic and dance abilities. You can also explore the secrets of computer world, singing, playing the instruments such as guitar, piano or ‘charm out’ different objects within artistic weaving workshop. For fans of cinema, photography, folklore, music folk we have prepared interesting classes concerning the activity of outstanding directors and their films encouraging people to initiate discussions and exchange opinions. You can also experience the secrets of photography, traditions of Cracow’s land, Polish folk dances and finally have a try playing in folk band.

Educational classes for schools in our Commune, English classes, aerobic, aerojazz were created with the aim of deepening our knowledge, language skills and physical condition.

The realization of tasks within the cultural activity can be observed by a wide range of services and cultural undertakings that are both free of charge and paid. Among them we can enumerate the following:

1. Cultural Activities:



· Artistic weaving workshop - you will find here an excellent way of relaxing while playing and at the same time you can develop a sense of harmony and aesthetics. Materials such as wiker, twine or reed help us to create decorative ornaments and figures. These classes are addressed to three age groups. First group: children from primary school – first to fourth grades, second group – third grade , third group – teenagers (from primary school – fifth to sixth grades and pre-secondary school, fourth group - seniors.

Jazz – one of dance forms that is realized in Modern Dance Workshop. It is marked by a great dynamics, the expression of movement and it is also filled with lyricism smoothness and lightness. All these aspects make the dance extremely varied and enable the dancers to express their intense feelings and emotions. Jazz classes are addressed to three age groups. First group: children from primary school – first to third grades, second group – fourth to sixth grades , third group – teenagers.

Attending music classes enables children to develop their imagination, sensitivity, concentration and manual dexterity. The instructor works with a learner individually once a week. Children from the age of six and young people are warmly welcome to attend the music classes.

Brass band in Włosań


Children’s Regional Group ‘Mali Mogilanie’


· Educational classes for schools and kindergartens are conducted within artistic workshop, computer workshop , modern dance, dance and movement workshop and aerojazz.



Periodic events and undertakings


International cooperation

Cooperation with associations, foundations, circles of interest

Cooperation with other units and institutions

Economic activity: